Here is where we create a customized, exclusive QR Code for your business.

This allows people viewing the portal from any device to instantly share it with any person standing next to them with their smart phone

... so that the site is instantly transfered on to their phone without the need to URL the site.

How much more lazy can people be right?

But as we all know ... when shoppers use
their digital, every second counts.

Some will simply want
to demonstrate how quick and effective the QR scan is from phone to phone. Others will
feel compelled to
share the site with QR scan because people like to share things that they have discovered useful. Others will ask their friend to allow to scan the code to their digital for self-daily access to all the resources and your savings coupon offer, with the thought in mind of passing on the resourceful portal to family, friends and co-workers in their circle.

And everyone has their own circle and that's how this portal can grow and grow. Either way, your business AD will continue to receive exposure as more people learn about the portal. A snowball effect that just keeps on referring because this portal is loaded up with everything people want and need day to day in addition to great saving offers!

And its always free to the public of course.

Easy to read, with everything they are looking for ... that's where you want your business to be.