About MedID


Safety and Peace of Mind!


MedID is impassioned about creating the next generation of Medical IDs designed to help paramedics and the medical community provide better medical care and save lives in emergency situations.

MedID was founded and maintained by an experienced team of Emergency First Responders, Health Care Providers, Rescue Professionals, Internet Service Providers, Security Software Technical Support Staff and Web Developers.

The Star of Life imprinted on all MedID wristbands is a UNIVERSAL symbol of emergency medical care. Paramedics, doctors and other emergency personnel from around the world are trained to look out for a wristband or bracelet that bears a star of life for medical information about the patient.

That’s why our wristbands are so important to wear. It has been proven time and time again, that medical wristbands save lives!

MedID was developed out of demand by the public and the medical community to better communicate accurate patient medical information in emergency situations.

We have made digital health records easily and instantly accessible by paramedic’s from their smartphone by simply scanning the medical QR code imprinted on the patient’s medical wrist band and entering the patient’s exclusive ID PIN code.

A solution that could improve care and save lives and create positive patient outcomes that could make the difference between short term and long term health care. Quick QR medical scan means faster care right at the scene and during patient transport that can result in better care in emergency rooms.

It helps to take the guess work out of the equation.

MedID connects to a compelling, “patient-managed” Personal Health Record which contains all the information needed to care for the patient in an emergency situation. Paramedics and other health care professionals can also relay this information if needed to doctors and emergency rooms.

With MedID, emergency responders get the vitally important information needed most, available 24×7, 365 days a year right from their smart phone. No phone call to a call center is needed.

Protect you and your loved ones. Help Paramedics help you!